What is Content Marketing Exactly

What is Content Marketing Exactly?

Nowadays, Content Marketing is the key to success. As we know, the commonly used marketing strategy is getting a lesser and lesser effect. That’s why we should find out a better way of marketing that brings greater benefits to both customers and marketers. Here content marketing comes to play its action in marketing.

What is Content exactly?

Let’s first define what content is. As we know content can be anything online. We usually say video content or audio content, image content, etc. But I would like to define “content” a little differently, actually according to the purpose of using content births.

Such as, According to the use, a piece of article can be called the content of the site. An image can be the content of the book, video can be the content of the online courses. So, I would like to say content is the thing that contains value and relevancy to the plot of its use.

Content Relevancy

Maybe you have got a question about relevancy. Ok, let me give you an example. Suppose I wish to sell a mobile phone from my site. So, As we know good article brings visitors to the site. So, I decided to start writing an article on a mobile phone.

Suppose I finished my article writing about how to use a mobile phone who invented the mobile phone? (Yahoo! I have written a great piece of article). What do you guys think?

You know what, a few days later I will realize that I have created a great piece of garbage instead of an article. Actually, my great piece of article has converted into a great piece of garbage according to my website plot. Do you know why? Because that’s not relevant to my website.

Remember? I wish to sell a mobile phone. I should say about the features and details of the mobile phone I wish to sell. But I wrote about the history of a mobile phone. So, Those are the garbage not content according to the plot. because that will increase the bounce rate consequences will be severe for my site SEO. So, relevancy is very important for content marketing.

Value Adding In The Content

Before I move to the mainstream of talks about content marketing I would like to clarify one more thing I have said above. That is “value”. Let’s clarify why the value is important in the content.

OK, let’s consider that you have written content according to the relevancy of your site. As we were talking about selling a mobile phone, let’s say you have talked about features. Such as the phone has a very nice camera, You can take an image at night. You can watch a movie, listen to songs, etc.

What do you see? is There any value you are getting which can convince you to buy that phone?

The answer is no. Because those types of sentences are the supporting sentences of the value.

If I say the mobile phone has an 8 Megapixel camera and has an LED flash on the back. It has a 720p video resolution. and the price is $600. Then we can say this is the value customer wishes to get or we can say want to see before buying. So, value-adding is very important for any type of content.

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