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Software development: What is Software Development?

Software development Can be a great choice for your carrier. But before choosing any site for software development you need to know properly what is Software Development. Without proper knowledge, you may be on the wrong track. So, let’s explore it.

After your intermediate study, you may be thinking to take a professional degree from a university. Or you realized, it’s obvious that technology is the future dominator. So, it’s better to take a software development degree. Or You just want to develop your carrier in software development. Now you may be thinking about what degree will be best for software development to earn. I will provide the perfect solution and guidelines that will help you in your job life. And you are gonna thank me later.

So, let’s start

You might have a basic idea about What software development means or What do software developers actually do. But if you want to dominate the future job market you need to know How is software developed.

To learn Software development you need to cover several steps. There is no shortcut to being a software developer. So, let’s list out what things you need to do before being a software development expert.

  1. Target your Goal
  2. Earn a Degree
  3. Language Selection
  4. Always get updated with recent changes in technology.
  5. Analyze the code codded by expert coders.
  6. Join the community of related field engineers.
  7. Don’t forget practice makes a man perfect.

These 7 steps you need to do and follow up if you want to keep yourself as a software developer. Let’s take a look at every step one by one.

  1. Target Your Goal: As you know, A man without a goal is like a ship without a rudder. So, targeting is very important to achieve success.

If you say only software development, then it’s a huge area. It’s like a tree with lots of branches.

Software development is brunched in 6 different ways.

  1. Software engineering
  2. Computer programming
  3. Video game development
  4. Web development
  5. Web application development
  6. Mobile application development

I will explain one by one in the next few post so that you can understand and target the end goal of your software development carrier.

So, You have to choose from the above 6 options to move forward. You can also choose more than one if you like but you should go one by one at a time. If you take 2 that will create a problem being an expert. Let me tell you if you are not an expert you don’t have value in the IT sector. So, be an expert in one then move to the next.

Now let’s think you have set up your end goal.

  1. Earn a Degree: Earning a degree is very important if you are targeting job opportunities. Because whatever you know will be judged after you are accepted for the job. But before you are being selected for the job they will ask you for an interview and they would like to see your qualifications. So, If you have the degree your job opportunities are open. But if you are thinking to be s solo developer. You want to develop your own small or medium software development company. You may not need your degree but I still recommend you to take a degree as it will teach you lots of important things about software development.
  2. Language Selection: Programming Language Selection for being a Software Developer. Language is the most important part to be a software developer expert. But Programming language selection depends upon the targeting niche. For example, If you choose for Mobile application, there are more than 25 languages you can use to develop a mobile application. As I said you have to be an expert and have fluency in at least one language. So, for a Mobile application, You have to at least learn Swift and Java. For game development, you have to learn C-Sharp or C++. That’s why I said, Programming language selection depends upon your targetted end goal.
  1. Always get updated with recent changes in technology: Technology is always updating and upgrading so does the programming language. Swift language updates nearly every month. Android version also keeps updating and upgrading. So, programming language codes keep changing. If you don’t stay updated, your software programming may not work properly. So, keeping updated is so important for software developers.
  1. Analyze the code codded by expert coders: There are lots of software learning techniques. One of the best ways is to Analyse the code codded by expert coders. There are lots of free projects online. You can run that on your pc and can analyze what they have written and how that is working. That will give you new ideas and develop your problem-solving skills. The best free projects site I can say is lots of free projects are there. If you have the capabilities you can find a mentor that will help you whenever you face any problem at the time of development of your software.
  1. Join the community of related field engineers: There are lots of places where software development experts gather together to help each other. You should find some communities like that. Actually, joining a few communities can be a mentor for your software development journey. So, find some software developers’ communities to join there. There are huge experts there, they always keep sharing their knowledge.
  1. Don’t forget practice makes a man perfect: We have learned in primary school that, “Practice makes a man perfect.” Especially in Math Class. But this works all the time on every task in everyone’s life. This is the main thing a software developer should do more and more. do practice as much as possible. Create a project as much as possible and try to finish it. Whether it’s a large project or a small project, that does not matter start it and keep trying to finish it. Try not to give up. That will take you on the road of an expert.

So, for today this is all about software development. I will come up with the next few more posts about Software development brunches. As we know in this post there are mainly 6 branches, Software engineering, Computer programming, Video game development, Web development, Web application development, and Mobile application development. We will take a look deep down at it one by one. I will explain which brunch has what types of work and how to achieve that task as soon as possible.

So, Stay tuned, see you next week.

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